One of the goals of this conference is to get to everyone who wants to listen. Listen to lectures and talks that really MATTERS! If it is you and can’t afford it now, check our plans!

What scholarship can you get?

Am I eligible for scholarship?


Yes you are if:

  • you cannot afford the full price for various financial reasons
  • we will NOT be checking any details, you only need to fill in the form below
  • we believe you will not misuse this opportunity

What are the conditions?


It is simple!

  1. Fill in the form and apply for scholarship
  2. If you can, please help us to promote the event
  3. If you can, please fill in the feedback review form after the conference


Currently you can apply for REDUCED PRICE of 49 USD to Al Raqs conference! The option to get this scholarship ends on Tuesday 27nd of September at 10 AM CEST.

10 winners will be chosen by lottery right after that – payment needs to be proceeded the same day, you will get a link to it