AL RAQS 2023

The only conference you need! Professionals of MENAHT dance region sharing their experience and know-how so you can learn everything that is not usually included in the dance class.


SEE YOU AT NEXT EDITION 15-19th January 2025

Let’s talk!

Hi, I am Sheyla – Raqs Sharqi dancer, Egyptian folklore researcher and life enthusiast! I strongly believe that we, as dancers of the MENAHT region dances, have the power to address crucial topics that are often overlooked in dance workshops. That’s why I’ve created this extraordinary conference.

5 days of conference
11th Oct – 15th Oct 2023


Prepare to be inspired as each day of the conference is dedicated to a major subject, brought to life by six exceptional speakers. In their captivating 50-minute Zoom lectures and talks, these speakers will share their invaluable experiences and expertise, leaving you with a wealth of knowledge to explore. And don’t worry if you can’t make it to a session live—every lecture will be available for streaming access for 45 days. Every day we will have a round table to wrap up the subject and answer questions.

History & Research

Unearth dance’s rich past and delve into current research for a deeper understanding.

Culture & Heritage

Immerse in cultural context, honoring the rich heritage we draw upon in our dance.

Dance-life Balance

Navigate the delicate dance of balancing career and personal life. Get inspired by speaker’s talks.

Being professional

Discover the essence of professionalism from different angles, embrace uniqueness.

On the stage

Unleash your artistry on stage and learn more about preparing a performance or theatre show.

Professional speakers

Our lineup of professional speakers is truly exceptional. With diverse backgrounds as dancers, researchers, musicians, and industry professionals, they bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Some will present their research, others will share personal experiences, but all of them are committed to empowering you as a conscious dancer, teacher, and human being.


Raphael Cormack

Amel Tafsout


Drake Von Trapp

Sahra Saeeda

Maya Youssef

30 speakers

Learn more about the conference speakers who hold their lectures/talks, some will be yet announced!

What people say about last year

Al Raqs gave me SO much information to work with! Everything from how to run my business, how to take care of my mental health as a dancer, to how to engage with different cultures as an artist. I highly recommend this conference to dancers at every level!

This conference exceeded my expectations!!! A huge thank you to the organizers and speakers who made this happen. It was really well organized in terms of the marketing of the event, the communications, materials provided, technical aspects, subjects discussed and participants involvement. It is important to be a skilled dancer, teacher and artist. But such events are as important in bringing awareness to certain topic, share knowledge and experiences within the community, and to network.- Alla Saleh

The diversity of speakers and topics was incredible! Thank you so much for organising this event, giving us access to so many different perspectives and ideas. – Kim Maria

Such a great event! Well organised, very relevant themes and great speakers. And the digital format makes it very accessible. I learned a lot and more importantly, I feel very inspired. Can’t wait for the 2023 edition!- Cecilla

Timetable of lectures 2023

Check your time zone, times below are CEST (Prague) and do not forget that you get 45 day stream access to all lectures after the conference. Each lecture/talk is max 50 min long followed by 10 min break.


11th Oct

History & research


Unveiling the Future: The Raqs Sharqi Museum and Its Path Ahead

Sigrid Van Roode

Dancing with Spirits. The silver jewellery of the Egyptian zār




Little Egypt and the Introduction of Belly Dance in the U.S.t

Christine Şahin

Pyramid Street Cabarets: Negotiating Slippery Stages and Contradictory Competitions


Mapping a Belly Dance Landscape: The Intertwined Histories of Belly Dance, Belly Dancers, and the City of Cairo

Raphael Cormack

Beba Ezzeldin – An overlooked dance superstar of the 1930s


12th Oct

Culture & Heritage day

Sahra Saeeda

Suez Canal Bambouteyya Dances - prerecorded


Al- Khaleej 1.0 (The African experience edition) - prerecorded

Serkan Tutar

Turkish Style Bellydance in Dance world

Maya Youssef

Maqam: The Key to Embody Arabic Music

Amel Tafsout

Maintaining the Tradition of North African Maghreb Dance in the 21st Century

Dance Archivist

Video archive: why does it matter?


13th Oct

Dance-life balance


"Neurospicy": Dancing and Neurodivergency - prerecorded

Discussion round

Pregnancy & Parenting: Balancing Dance and Parenthood

Jana Mitzoda

Dancing your inner game: What's standing in the way?

Samantha Karim

Building Resiliency In Dance - How Failing Leads To Success

Drake Von Trapp

Men and Masculinity in American Belly Dance


Stage Fright and how to navigate it


14th Oct

Being professional


Before you start organizing events

Silvia Brazzoli

How to build up a community online


Maintaining healthy & successful career

Julia Farid

Empowering Oriental dance teachers to overcome challenges

Katie Sahar

Self Promotion for people that hate self promotion

Siobhan Camille

Movement Mythbusting: Addressing persistent anatomical and movement misconceptions in raqs sharqi and fusion dance


15th Oct

On the stage


From the Studio to the Stage - prerecorded

Menwa Dukhan

Insights on Dance culture in the UAE

Kaidi Udris

Dance in Egypt Beyond bellydance

Mercedes Nieto

Amplifying voices” - choreographing and leading a performing dance troupe with unity and message

Melissa Gamal

The Performer's guide: The Artist vs. The Entertainer


"Living with Shame": An insight into traumas Egyptian dancers face



∗ We do not seel single lectures, the price for conference is all-you-can-attend for one price.

2023 closed

SEE YOU AT NEXT EDITION 15th – 19th January 2025

Conference team

I am a professional dancer since 2006 and I focus on Egyptian traditional dances and music, doing my research and teaching lectures and workshops. Last year I went to Egypt to film the Funoon Shaabeya document about traditional artists. I also organize dance conference for 10 years in Czech republic, where I am from, and this year I decided to bring it to international level.


Conference founder, researcher, author of Funoon Shaabeya & dancer

Anna is a cultural manager based in Prague. She is working for live events, as contemporary circus festival Letni Letna (coordinating production and international projects) or coordinating educational projects for cultural leaders. During Covid times she found another field of expertise which is coordinating and technical support for live online zoom events.


Zoom coordinator and technical administrator

Badriyah is a professional Raqs Sharqi dancer, devoted mainly to Egyptian classical and folklore styles, and the Golden Age of Raqs Sharqi. Most of all, Badriyah treasures the ten years of performing with Bellydance Evolution (BDE): an international belly dance – theatre show, led by Jillina from USA. Badriyah performed more than 60 shows with the company, both as a troupe dancer and a lead dancer.


Moderator and call for contributions coordinator

Based in Minneapolis, MN, USA, Alana is an artist and dancer who brings arts administration experience from her work over the last four years with non-profit arts organization, Jawaahir Dance Company. She had the opportunity to work in this arts support setting on various tasks including online marketing, communications and more.


Marketing assistant

Leandra is a raqs & traditional dances oriented project manager/assistant. She is based in Eastern Netherlands. Leandra has degrees in both graphic design and safety & security management. She is experienced in several styles or raqs, classical ballet and several folk dance styles.


Communication assistant

Conditions of attendance

  1. Conference is held online using ZOOM
  2. All lectures are recorded and available to stream for 30 days after the conference
  3. In case lecturer will not be able to do lecture at original time (due to serious matter – illness etc.), we will schedule new date/time with the lecturer (recordings will be available for 45 days after this lecture happens live)
  4. We reserve the right to change the schedule if there will be any serious reason (lecturer canceling their attendance, new subject that is more actual, number of speakers etc.)
  5. There are no refunds possible once paid for any reason as you are getting your recordings even though you might not attend live zoom sessions
  6. If you no longer with to attend, please find someone to replace you and notify us, we will transfer the access to chosen person
  7. Safe space! All constructive opinions are welcome in discussions and round tables, but there is zero tolerance for racism, hateful comments towards cultures, gender, health conditions etc. I want this space to be safe with no harm to lecturers or participants. If such event occurs, participant will not be alowed to join discussions and round tables.