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Contributions from conference participants of 2023

Restaging old danceworks

If we decide to redo an old dance piece, what would be the best way to label it: a restaging, a reinvention or reconstruction? In any case, any of these terms conveys certain traits that denote an artistic intention behind the staging.

About Lorena Galeano

Lorena Galeano is an instructor for ballet, oriental dance and Palestinian folklore. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in ballet and two advanced degrees from the University of Bern: in TanzKultur/Dance Cultures and in Dance/Performance Studies. One of her passions is dance research. In recent years she has focused on theoretical topics such as restaging old danceworks. Moreover her interest in deepening her knowledge of Andalusian culture and Reda technique has been influenced by her work within the Nesma Al-Andalus’ company which she joined in 2016. Lorena has completed JTE program, level 3 by Sahra Saeeda and holds several certificates in oriental dance (ADS by Amir Thaleb, jomdance® by Said el Amir, AO).

The Medicine of Raqs Sharki

Raqs Sharki is an ancient dance & art form that has endless benefits for mind, body and soul. Struggling with my mental health for the most part of my life I have used my love for Raqs Sharki as a tool to navigate through difficult times.

Sarah Safi Harb

Sarah Safi Harb, originally from Lebanon, founded her dance school in 2010 and has since been offering Bellydance classes, workshops & private classes in The Netherlands & Online.

Struggling with her mental health for the most part of her life she has used her love for Raqs Sharki as a tool to navigate through difficult times, and it is exactly those tools that have helped her through the hardest times that she now loves to share with you, hoping it can bring you relief, balance and even self love & pleasure!
Sarah integrates her Lebanese background, knowledge of Yoga and holistic dance practices in her classes.

Important points to consider before starting your international dancing career

Noticing the demand of the entertainment market and all the doubts and questions I get constantly from dancers looking forward to work abroad (specially in Arab countries) I felt the need to explain things that are fundamental.

Martina Cancio

Martina Cancio is a professional dancer from Brazil based in Dubai and working abroad since 2005 with a vast experience in the entertainment industry in the Middle East.
With recognition (DRT) from the Brazilian government as an Artist / Dancer since 2007.
She is fully driven by art, working full time with performances, classes, research, organizing workshops, costuming & artistic creations. Curious about culture and body movements she is forever a student. Have performed in many countries such United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Portugal & Spain.


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