Call for contributions!

Do you do research, work on a special project, or have some experience and knowledge you want to share with us? Then, please, submit your contribution!

What topic can you submit?

We accept any contribution that fits within one of the following categories:

  • History & research
  • Marketing & Business
  • Wellbeing & Psyché
  • Inclusivity & Culture
  • Being professional

Your contribution should discuss a topic related to one of the categories; it can be your own experience, your own research, a project you have worked on and got interesting results, something you have studied, or something related to your expertise.

We do not accept contributions that are promoting/advertising your business. We take a right not to publish contributions that aim to attract new customers (such as advertisements for classes, workshops, or festivals).

Important! Only registered participants can submit their contribution.

What format is accepted?


The accepted format is a video (mp4, avi, wmv, MOV) of a maximum length of 7 minutes and size of max 300 Mb.

It might seem that 7 minutes is not enough. Still, as scientific conferences prove daily, 7 minutes is short enough to keep your audience focused, especially if they go through many contributions, and long enough to say and explain your core message.

What style of presentation do we recommend? 

We recommend three styles of presentation:

  • Video recording – camera recording of you speaking, no slides
  • Multipresentation – ideally recorded through Zoom, Prezi, or any other platform that will show your slides and your face.
  • Slides only – if you don’t want to show your face, you can submit a video of your slides with a voice cover.

Tips for a successful contribution


Please remember, the presentation is not about you but your work or your experience. So, please, do not start the presentation by naming in how many countries you performed and with who you studied. Don’t waste your time on that because you will have the possibility to upload your short bio and contact information. Therefore, anyone intrigued by your video can read about you and contact you. Instead, focus on the unique topic and your own experience you want to share.

Do you want some other tips for a successful presentation?

How can conference participants see your contribution?

All video contributions will be published on the conference’s website and will be free to watch for anyone (even those who don’t register for the conference), so your message can reach a large audience. We will publish the videos a day before the start of the conference, and we will regularly invite the conference participants to go and check the contributions. We will keep the video on the website for two months.

DEADLINE 24th September


We keep the right to not include your contribution if it doesn’t follow the rules. Please read them carefully before submitting!